Key Features

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    The efficient architecture of Citroën Dispatch is designed to adapt to all your needs, and is functional, practical and ergonomic. Its specifically reinforced new generation modular platform is based on C4 SpaceTourer and SpaceTourer.

    It can carry up to 1400 kg in payload, 6.6 m3 in volume, with 4 m working length, and can pull up to 2.5 tonnes of trailer. Its modular design also has two wheel-base values (2.92 m and 3.27 m) and two rear overhangs (0.80 m and 1.15 m) combined for 3 different lengths.

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    Hands are full? No problem: the Hands-Free Sliding Side Doors* functions allows you to open and close the side doors without contact, a feature unique in this segment. With a simple pass of the foot under the corner of the rear bumper, the vehicle unlocks and the sliding door on the side where you are opens automatically.

    The same movement activates the closing of the door and locks the vehicle when you move away. This feature will simplify loading and unloading when you have both hands full.

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    The front seats of Citroën Dispatch have been ergonomically designed: the high driving position makes you feel like you dominate the road. The driving posture is even more comfortable as the seats are adjustable for height and legroom.

    A step gives easy access to the cabin. The glazed comfort partition* guarantees the passengers optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and offers greater comfort for the driver. All of these features make a big difference on frequent journeys.

About the Citroën Dispatch

  • Citroën Dispatch is available in 3 lengths. In addition to two lengths M (4.95 m) and XL (5.30 m), this van is also available in a new 4.60 m version, both compact and practical.

    For all situations! Thanks to its height limited to 1.90 m on all XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), Citroën Dispatch can easily enter all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles of this type.
    It is no longer necessary to double park and risk fines, you can now reach the underground spot provided by your client as well as all shopping centre parking lots.

  • There's no longer the need to choose between passenger and load space: Crew Cab* versions can accommodate up to 6 people while offering a loading space of up to 4 m3. The space under the passenger bench allows the transportation of long objects up to 2.40 m.

    With the Enterprise and Enterprise plus crew van*, passengers in the 2nd row enjoy great comfort and a large storage space of 73 litres under the seats.

Colours available

  •  Arctic Steel
    Arctic Steel
  • Tourmarline Orange
    Tourmarline Orange
  • Soft Sand
    Soft Sand
  • Rich Oak
    Rich Oak
  • Polar White
    Polar White
  • Platinum Grey
    Platinum Grey
  •  Passion Red
    Passion Red
  •  Imperial Blue
    Imperial Blue
  • Black